Merkel and macron agree on quasi-eurobonds

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Half a trillion euros of additional new corona debt to be repaid through contributions to eu budget

Following a video meeting, french president emmanuel macron and german chancellor angela merkel yesterday announced an agreement on a half-trillion-euro european corona reconstruction fund to supplement the 540 billion euros in borrowing agreed so far. The money is to be raised through jointly contracted public debt, which will be paid from the eu budget over the next 20 years. German taxpayers will contribute the largest net share to this eu budget.

A trip in the new bmw 320i

Hair, 27. November 2012 – how the times change: fruhe was the name 320i for a silky soft running, slightly passing two-liter six-cylinder, between 2000 and 2007 it was then a sixteen with 2.2 liters displacement. In the process of current three-row series, a four-cylinder worked in the 320i, which offered neither a well-sounding sound nor sparkling performance. At least at the last point, the bavaria made the latest three legs properly: a turbocharger should now be ensured for momentum from the speed cellar and a small consumption. Whether both succeed, we wanted to know at an exit.


Despite an empty weight of more than 1.5 tons accelerates the 320i flott. Its four-cylinder makes 184 hp at moderate 5000 / min. The maximum torque of 270 nm is between 1250 and 4500 revolutions. Who applies it, accelerates this threesome in 7.6 seconds from the stand to tempo 100, only at 235 km / h the highest speed is reached. The engine remains acoustically mostly in the background, which is very pleasant on fast motorway stages. The cooperation with the eight-speed automatic works very well: the shifts run soft and imperceptibly.


Consumption in the nefz indicates bmw with 5.9 l / 100 km. But we removed a good stucco, which has two reasons. On the one one we did not emphasize effectively, there is still some air in everyday life. Second, the test car was equipped with an 18-inch tires. If the "driving experience switch" was set to normal, the consumption was at our exit at 8.5 l / 100 km. In eco-pro mode it was 7.6 l / 100 km. In this case, bmw has come up with a special incentive: in the instrument cluster, the kilometers are displayed, which can be further driven by the saved fuel with this tank finishing – an ad that arouses the ambition for saving. In eco pro mode, the characteristic of the accelerator pedal and optimizes additional consumers like the automatic climate control. The driver’s savings to get even more kilometers to the ad was allowed to have its share in the up to 20 percent lower consumption, which bmw promises in this mode.

Wirecard insolvency: Boon gives up

The insolvent financial service provider wirecard introduces its virtual credit card boon. Customers should use any existing credit or pay off, the company shared on monday. At 3. October 2020 the service is switched off. Until then, customers should deduct their credits, otherwise the provider charges.

Boon has made its users a virtual prepaid credit card from mastercard. Using an app, users were able to charge and manage credit. Lifter also came p2p payment functions. The virtual mastercard of boon also enjoyed some popular in this country because he was one of the first opportunities to use the contactless payment systems of apple and google. Spaters supported boon also payment systems of garmin, fitbit, swatch and sony.

Ie credit

The provider recommends its users, the possibly existing credit until 3. October centgenau. Possibly furnished automatic charges, boon has already disabled the information. If the credit is set to zero and all bookings are completed, the account can be closed via a switchboard in the app.

Hypex vr6

On 28 august 2014, horex gmbh. August 2014 in augsburg filed for insolvency proceedings. The preliminary insolvency administrator ra rainer muller will go in the next time through the data of the company to save what can be saved. The horex press release wants to preserve all 36 jobs and continue motorcycle production under the traditional horex brand purchased in 2010 "in the long term" preserved. After millions and millions of demand money and investments have not managed to do that, one has to doubt the power of this press release. Too bad.

If one thing has united the motorcycle scene in opinion on the subject of horex, it is the point that we are all happy about the attempt to produce a technically interesting, completely new motorcycle in germany for the german market. Even the accusations about the "playmobil-" or "lego design" are weak. These toys celebrate their enduring success precisely because of the design: solid oversized pieces of solidly colored plastic of good quality, which lasts forever. The simple design emphasized that. It was similar with the horex vr6. I always liked to have a vr6 cafe racer as a playmobil motorcycle. But as a real motorcycle? Nope.

At least good enough

At this point lies as always the dog buried. The horex was not a bad motorcycle. But neither was a mz 1000 s or sf. However, all three were not good enough. Short excursion into the most painful area of marketing: the initial success of a product depends to a large extent on chance. This is the bitter pill that all planners must swallow before they can act meaningfully. Well-documented research shows, for example, that a top hit cannot be predicted from the mass of music tracks, even though data are available from the previous trial iteration in which a top hit was already present. In the next run, a completely different piece drifts to the top.


Twelve "onlinestars" awarded in berlin.

The church of the holy spirit in berlin-kreuzberg probably hasn’t been this full in decades: shortly before 8 p.M., festively dressed people in black suits and evening gowns lined up at the entrance. Bodyguards checked invitations. A row of gentlemen in "men in black"-look with dark sunglasses loitered next to bouquets of flowers and torches and ladies in black minidresses poured out champagne.

Inside the church there was no more free space. The visitors huddled between camera teams and photographers, in front of the altar a large screen flashed multimedia images into the audience, and only the song books behind the buffet table reminded them that they were in a place of worship and not at a party of the rich and famous.


After 400 television episodes comes the first motion picture

The whole simpsons family moves away from the sofa and goes to the cinema to see their flick for themselves. Life in springfield takes place behind a clouded screen and, of course, you can find out a lot about homer co, as always, you can learn a lot about the fames and peculiarities of our time and the media.

Homer simpson has been famous for a long time, in 2003 the british voted him the "greatest american of all time" (ahead of abraham lincoln and martin luther king by a wide margin). He and his family live in springfield, a city that is located somewhere (or rather nowhere) in the usa and looks like many other american cities with its hubschen nuclear power plant, houses, traffic jams, mountains and people.

Small change

Stuttgart, 1. August 2014 – no, the smart has never been one of the special snappers. Nevertheless, it has made its way, the first two generations are frequently represented in the street scene. In november, the third generation now goes on sale, but this time it has a potentially tough rival. We took a look at the financial differences between the smart and the twingo.

Not poor

The basic smart fortwo model costs 10.895 euros. Things like power windows, cruise control, hill start assist, crosswind assist or central locking are standard here – frugal isn’t it, especially in this class. Manual air conditioning is not available, and automatic air conditioning costs an extra 925 euros. It is worthwhile to go for the coolaudio package for 1100 euro, which includes a simple radio with usb connection. With a few hubcaps, which daimler charges an additional 50 euros, the total is 12,045 euros.045 euros – and you have a subcompact that lacks nothing essential.

But if you take such a pragmatic approach to buying a car, you will get more or a. A similar amount for considerably less money. The basic twingo expression for 9590 euros lacks things like power windows in the front (200 euros extra) and crosswind assist. Radio, here with dab+, and air conditioning cost in the package 1290 euros. Equipped similarly as the smart fortwo, the twingo costs 11.080 euros, which is around 1000 euros less. However, the twingo can carry four people if required, while the smart forfour is available from 11.555 euros is available.