Safe chip T2 in Mac: Keylogger breaks local shutters

The security researcher niels hofmans has demonstrated how vulnerabilities in apple’s t2 secure chip can be exploited in practice. First, he uses a well-known luck to attack the boot process. Then he bypasses an apple-integrated security routine, which actually acknowledges precooling attempts in the device firmware update mode (dfu) with a crash of the operating system (sepos) of the chip. He managed to get full root access including kernel execution rights.

That apple’s safe chip t2, which is in all current macs and, among other things, ensures ssd hardware shutters, with security, is already known. These are therefore problematic, therefore, because they do not simply migrate from the manufacturer by updating – the included os is poured into hardware. The processor is based on apple’s a10, which is already on duration jailbreaks.

Safe chip improves the user

Although hofmans could not directly crack this type apple filevault 2 cap. However, he succeeded in placing a keylogger directly in the t2 chip, as it is stated for the control of the keyboard for safety limits for the control of the keyboard. So it was possible to simply steal the password – even that of the firmware of the mac.


Playing videos on the ipod

The latest mp3 player from apple – as well as some devices of lesser known brands – can now also provide a picture to go with the sound. How useful this is for watching feature films remains to be seen – the opticians’ guild was allowed to rejoice. For short music videos or funny little movies from the net, which you want to show your friends without having to carry a computer, it’s enough. Only: how to get the movies into the ipod’s own video format??

Actually, it would be practical if the video ipod could play all common pc video formats – avi, quicktime, mpg, real video, flash, whether 160 x 100 or 640 x 480 pixels. But it does not. It must already mpeg4.264 in resolution 320 x 240 pixels with mpeg4 aac sound 48 khz and about 160 kbit.