Haider’s media populism: he wants to stand up for the dismissed journalist.

The dismissal of a political editor of a local austrian newspaper continues to cause a stir. The dismissal was "the first political victim of a shift to the right in austria", said the head of the austrian journalists’ union on friday. Fear of an attempt to bring the media into line ran through austrian newsrooms. The controversy then took a bizarre turn with jorg haider’s appearance on the n-tv program "talk in berlin". There he said that he wanted to campaign for the reinstatement of the expert journalist gerhard marschall.

The german public was able to see for itself in this broadcast, which has since come to be seen as the "peak of embarrassment" the german public was able to get a picture of haider as a manipulator of public opinion. For in the exchange of blows with freimut duve – one of the few on the program who at least tried to stand up to him – the next turn immediately followed. The condition for haider’s commitment, haider said, was that the sdp media expert and osce representative would in return support the addition of nationwide terrestrial private television in austria. No wonder haider considered the talk show a success. "He was able to say what he wanted to say, he rejoiced" today according to spiegel online.

Audi rs6: clubsport version of mtm

Baystents, 17. May 2010 – with 344,2 km / h in a mtm rs6 avant stop the tuner already the world record for serial combo. Now the rs6 should reach a peak of 350 km / h in a "club sports variant".

Performance weight: 2.65 kg / hp

The mtm rs6 clubsport got more power, on the other he became easier. The result: 730 hp, around 860 nm and weight just under 2 tons. In 3.6 s, the funfliter-biturbo-v10 in combination with a six-speed tiptronic should speed up the limousine to tempo 100. The 200 km / h brand should be achieved after eleven seconds.

Variable lowering

In order to achieve the 730 hp, the tuner has modified, among other things, the control unit. There are also an mtm stainless steel exhaust system with four tailpipes and flap control and changing the gear switch points. With a high adjustable mtm springs set, the rs6 club sports can be lowered between 10 to 45 mm. Alloy wheels are offered in 20 or 21 inches.

Merkel and macron agree on quasi-eurobonds

Graphic: tp

Half a trillion euros of additional new corona debt to be repaid through contributions to eu budget

Following a video meeting, french president emmanuel macron and german chancellor angela merkel yesterday announced an agreement on a half-trillion-euro european corona reconstruction fund to supplement the 540 billion euros in borrowing agreed so far. The money is to be raised through jointly contracted public debt, which will be paid from the eu budget over the next 20 years. German taxpayers will contribute the largest net share to this eu budget.


Patriot missiles in turkey are supposed to be for defense only. But the militarization of the region is massively fueling the conflict

The fact that a geopolitically motivated proxy war is also taking place in syria is evident not only in the more or less open support for the armed parties, but also in the militarization of the surrounding regions. While nato is deploying patriot air defense systems in southwestern anatolia this week, the russian navy is conducting what officials say is the largest manover since the end of the soviet union not far from syria’s coast.

dangerous nato defense

Us patriot system. Image: nato


Gail horalek considers the diary of the jewish girl pornographic

Anne frank, born in frankfurt am main in 1929, moved with her jewish family to the netherlands in 1934. When the nazis invaded and ordered the deportation of jews, she hid in a back house in amsterdam. In 1944 she was betrayed and sent to auschwitz and later to bergen-belsen, where she died of typhus in march 1945. What survived was her diary, which has become world literature and is read in many schools..

This is not appreciated by all parents: currently, the american mother gail horalek is making headlines with the demand to put the book under parental permission reservation, because it is harmful to young people.

A trip in the new bmw 320i

Hair, 27. November 2012 – how the times change: fruhe was the name 320i for a silky soft running, slightly passing two-liter six-cylinder, between 2000 and 2007 it was then a sixteen with 2.2 liters displacement. In the process of current three-row series, a four-cylinder worked in the 320i, which offered neither a well-sounding sound nor sparkling performance. At least at the last point, the bavaria made the latest three legs properly: a turbocharger should now be ensured for momentum from the speed cellar and a small consumption. Whether both succeed, we wanted to know at an exit.


Despite an empty weight of more than 1.5 tons accelerates the 320i flott. Its four-cylinder makes 184 hp at moderate 5000 / min. The maximum torque of 270 nm is between 1250 and 4500 revolutions. Who applies it, accelerates this threesome in 7.6 seconds from the stand to tempo 100, only at 235 km / h the highest speed is reached. The engine remains acoustically mostly in the background, which is very pleasant on fast motorway stages. The cooperation with the eight-speed automatic works very well: the shifts run soft and imperceptibly.


Consumption in the nefz indicates bmw with 5.9 l / 100 km. But we removed a good stucco, which has two reasons. On the one one we did not emphasize effectively, there is still some air in everyday life. Second, the test car was equipped with an 18-inch tires. If the "driving experience switch" was set to normal, the consumption was at our exit at 8.5 l / 100 km. In eco-pro mode it was 7.6 l / 100 km. In this case, bmw has come up with a special incentive: in the instrument cluster, the kilometers are displayed, which can be further driven by the saved fuel with this tank finishing – an ad that arouses the ambition for saving. In eco pro mode, the characteristic of the accelerator pedal and optimizes additional consumers like the automatic climate control. The driver’s savings to get even more kilometers to the ad was allowed to have its share in the up to 20 percent lower consumption, which bmw promises in this mode.

Facebook: the new church?

To make a long story short: a "scribing" by lucia fabiani on the itaforum 2011

How voluntarism becomes a community of constraints

More than 80 percent of facebook users have given their real names. Mark zuckerberg knows why: they like to share their information. Almost a christian act, among brothers and sisters. They are not afraid of losing their privacy? Or do they even feel a pleasure in the personal exposure in the choir of the church? Most of them know the business model of facebook in general, but do not care in detail about the interconnections and bundles of data paths that run past them while they are feeding in. They know it, but they do it anyway. The veil of opacity of web2.0 filters their concerns. They say: we can’t do anything about it anyway.

1.8 Exaflops Ki computing power: Teslas supercomputer for autopilot

Tesla shows the latest assessment of its own supercomputer, which is responsible for the training of the autopilot of all tesla vehicles. 720 nodes are used, each with eight a100 gpu accelerators from nvidia in the version with 80 gb hbm2e batch stores, ie 5760 gpus in total.

If you use all integrated tensor cores for ki calculation, there is a fp16 computing power of around 1.8 exaflops. The shader cores create just under 56 fp64 petaflops. Dear tesla include the own supercomputer in the top500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers, he currently came under the first ten systems. Private company systems have not been found there, but not.

Three clusters

Teslas head of the ki team andrej karpathy has revealed the details of the supercomputer on the conference on computer vision and pattern recognition (cvpr) 2021 (youtube recording with timestamp). The described system is the latest three clusters – which is available for total crime performance.

Wirecard insolvency: Boon gives up

The insolvent financial service provider wirecard introduces its virtual credit card boon. Customers should use any existing credit or pay off, the company shared on monday. At 3. October 2020 the service is switched off. Until then, customers should deduct their credits, otherwise the provider charges.

Boon has made its users a virtual prepaid credit card from mastercard. Using an app, users were able to charge and manage credit. Lifter also came p2p payment functions. The virtual mastercard of boon also enjoyed some popular in this country because he was one of the first opportunities to use the contactless payment systems of apple and google. Spaters supported boon also payment systems of garmin, fitbit, swatch and sony.

Ie credit

The provider recommends its users, the possibly existing credit until 3. October centgenau. Possibly furnished automatic charges, boon has already disabled the information. If the credit is set to zero and all bookings are completed, the account can be closed via a switchboard in the app.

Formula 1: Vettel leaves Ferrari at the end of 2020

Sebastian vettel is said to leave the formula 1 team ferrari according to conforming media reports at the end of 2020. That reports among other things car, motor and sport in the night of tuesday (12. May 2020). Accordingly, the 32-year-olds from heppenheim will not demand his contract with scuderia and leave the italians six years after six years. Both sides could therefore not agree on a new contract, the step could be made public on tuesday. First, there was no confirmation for this purpose.

Leclerc is the future

So far, vettel hunted in vain to his dream after becoming a world champion with ferrari. In the 2019 season, he took the fold place in the driver’s world cup and had to give himself again the mercedes. Also his teammate charles leclec landed in front of him. The 22-year-old monegash signed a until the end of 2024 in 2019 before christmas 2019. Leclerc is the gross hope of the team for the future, which vettel supposedly last only one contract for another year should have been offered.

Vettel had been told in a videoconference that there is no time deadline for a deflection. "Whatever the deal will look like, the team and i will have to be comfortable," the german, who since his arrival at ferrari for the 2015 season was not able to open the successes with red bull, said. He had brought his four world cup titles between 2010 and 2013 with red bull rennstall.