10. And 11. October 2013: first nationwide lightning marathon

The 10. And 11. October 2013 is, according to the adac, a sensible way to make road users aware of the dangers of speeding. As part of the campaign, which in bavaria even lasts a week, the police control the speed with mobile measuring devices. As a rule, the locations where the speed cameras will be used are announced in advance. "Such campaigns help to raise awareness among car and motorcycle drivers of the dangers of speeding", says adac president peter meyer.

"It is important that the police clarifies and informs immediately after the decease. Experience has shown that if an anonymous fine notice reaches the traffic sensor only weeks later, this has hardly any lasting effect", according to meyer. According to the adac, the widespread announcement of the speed camera marathon and the announcement of the measuring points in the media make an important contribution to improving traffic safety. As recently as 1991 "not adjusted speed" the cause of 84.000 serious accidents with personal injury. By 2012, this number had fallen to 34,000 – also a result of intensive road safety work by the police and organizations such as adac.

According to adac, traffic control must be primarily the task of the police. In the club’s view, stationary measuring stations in municipal areas in particular are more likely to serve to fill empty coffers than to improve road safety. For example, speed cameras are often used at exit signs instead of at particularly critical locations in front of schools or kindergartens.

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